Reply To: TJ’s Transparency Just Got a Bit Foggy

KenH, November 15, 2019 at 9:54 am

I don’t claim to know how RAGBRAI distributed funds to charitable causes. I do know that if there are any questions about how this has been done during the last 16 years any improprieties were on TJ’s watch. He has as much to answer about them as the REGISTER and probably more since he was in charge of that portion of the Register’s operations. From what he has said since the split he seemed to be careful to acknowledge that the Register has done a good job of supporting charitable causes “just not at the highest level”. He is promising that IR will do so at the highest level. He doesn’t seem to feel that the Register has done anything wrong which is understandable because that would implicate him too if there was any wrongdoing. Of course if IR does not meet its own expenses it will not have anything to give to charity and that would not be an unusual turn of events for a first year startup. But if it were me I would be more careful about bragging about how much my operation will give to charity than TJ has been. It may be his honest goal to get to the point where he outgives the Register but it could take several years to get there.

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