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stuckinmizzou, November 15, 2019 at 1:32 pm

Although I guess it can be interpreted one way or another, it seems the Iowa Bicycle Coalition has made a choice (nowhere in the post did they mention that there could be 2 choices). An excerpt from the Iowa Bicycle Coalition’s Facebook post on October 17th: “The Iowa Bicycle Coalition and Iowa Bicycling Action Fund are endorsing the newly formed cross-state ride known as Iowa’s Ride (http://iowasride.com). Our organizations’ participation in and involvement with a large-scale, across-Iowa, weeklong bicycle tour has for the past 16 years been integral to advancing our mission of promoting safe end enjoyable bicycling through education, events, better policy, and a growing community of supporters. Supporting Iowa’s Ride will enhance public understanding and awareness of the Iowa Bicycle Coalition, promote bicycling culture overall, and contribute toward the state of Iowa’s reputation and economic vibrancy. All of these things align with the Iowa Bicycle Coalition’s strategic direction. We believe that Iowa’s Ride will be the most successful way to continue the iconic annual bicycle ride across Iowa, not only in 2020 but for many years to come. The team that has formed Iowa’s ride and that will be organizing and managing it have unmatched experience and success in doing so. They are the best hope for continuing this proud tradition. We also believe that a cross-state ride will be best operated and most likely to succeed as a stand-alone and independent entity. This is what Iowa’s Ride offers.”

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