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Reply To: Iowa’s Ride new dates

Ken Koprowski, November 16, 2019 at 8:43 am

That is a cool idea. Would make logistic sense for some folks.
I have to fly in – this will be a wait and see moment

[quote quote=1313131]So, hypothetically if Iowa’s Ride ends in the town where RAGBRAI starts, AND if both rides have a common overnight or pass-through town in the middle of the week, it would be possible for a rider to partially participate in both rides – latter half of IR & first half of RAGBRAI.

Example: Drive your car to the Iowa’s Ride Wednesday night overnight town and park it. Camp there and ride IR Thursday through Saturday, ending up at the RAGBRAI start town in time for the Expo. Camp there and do RAGBRAI Sunday thru Tuesday (or Wednesday), your car is waiting, head home.

The rider could experience whatever unique elements IR has in store for a few days, jump in on the RAGBRAI fun and craziness, and eliminate the logistics of a one-way ride. I would do this in a heartbeat![/quote]

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