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Reply To: Show me the Money!

Joseph Schlau, November 21, 2019 at 12:42 pm

Council Bluffs is a city that ended up 130k in the red. They hosted Ragbrai 7 times, the most recent in 2012. They did this beforehand so they knew what to expect.

How did they go 130k in the red when Indianola made 20k. Either mismanagement or different accounting. The reporter did not actually look at the accounting he just found someone to comment.

I did not see the follow up question to Council Bluffs asking them why the difference between them and Indianola?

But I’ll bet the Gazette article did not go unnoticed by the mayor or city manager. The meeting may be underway as we speak.

Ragbrai does not just show up like a deadbeat relative wanting a handout, cities actively bid to be included. They could say no or we need more support. If it rains one day like it did last time and fewer people ride, how is Ragbrai liable to cover a loss.

The only thing this reporter focused on was city expenses. It did not state how many of the businesses and charitable organizations churches profited.

I guess if you want total indemnity against financial loss, Ragbrai could raise fees to $500 per rider so no city, no matter how mismanaged would ever suffer a loss.

The purpose of government is not to make money but create and maintain the public works, and public safety agencies that allow private businesses to thrive and make money. The taxes returned to government keeps the works and safety systems going.

When a large event comes into town which can benefit a wide range of businesses and charitable organizations, the city invests money in the works and safety areas so the money business and charitable organizations make are repaid in sales tax, liquor license fees, and motel/hotel tax revenues.

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