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Joseph Schlau, November 22, 2019 at 12:16 pm

The November 15th story on the Channel 13 News did not even feature TJ. Instead Dan McKay acted as his spokesman.

On the Facebook portion on the Channel 13 story, a viewer asked pretty much the same question I asked.

“So I assume that you could have interviewed the former staff to get answers to your questions right? They worked for Ragbrai during the time in question right? It seems like there is only half a story here. It would be more interesting if there was comments from Gannett and more reporting.”

Sonya Heitshusen is the reporter doing the story replies ;

“I asked for an interview with the former director. He and his attorney declined my request.”

One month ago TJ Juskiewicz could not wait to tell us about his honesty, transparency, and charitable intentions. And now neither he nor his attorney can speak to the allegations made on the News13 investigative report.

The fact that TJ has retained legal counsel who advised him to remain silent should have been disclosed in this story. It would have cast this piece in a different light. At least Sonya disclosed this fact.

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