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Reply To: RAGBRAI/Iowa’s Ride Info Session , December 1, 2019

Joseph Schlau, November 29, 2019 at 9:27 pm

A large part of the recent criticism leveled at Ragbrai centered around questions on charitable donations and town funding.

This second wave of criticism started after the false outrage over Carson King fizzled and TJ’s trial balloons of reconciliation crashed.

Out came the surrogate IR spokesmen critics of Ragbrai like Dan McKay in the Channel 13 Investigative Report.

Anne Lawrie, in both public and team communications spoke of examining charitable and town funding and being more transparent on funding. Basically taking the initiative away from IR.

This meeting I trust will be the first steps in this direction.

Questions on TJ’s role in funding while Ragbrai director will probably be met with a no comment on advice of attorney just like 2 reporters received on prior stories.

TJ and the Iowa’s Ride will probably have at least 1 run. Other posters within this blog spoke of other cross Iowa rides that folded.

If you are looking to ride across Iowa, Ragbrai is the leader with international recognition. Anything else is just one of Iowa’s small Rides.

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