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Reply To: I don't understand the anger.

Joseph Schlau, December 1, 2019 at 8:04 am

And more times than not, after time has had a chance to do it’s magic and olive branches get extended, things start to heal up, fences get mended and new beginnings emerge. That might be happening with RAGBRAI and Iowa’s Ride too.

I can only handle just so many tours down memory lane in a given week, so maybe you need to read the history of treachery and deceit associated with the Iowa’s (other small) Ride starting from October 15th.

But I will take you for a short walk down the lane to November 10th to a DMR article on reconciliation. In spite of the trial balloons floated by TJ toward this goal, Ragbrai put an end to it right there. The reconciliation and magical olive branch theorists gave up their “some alliance between the two creating something really cool” quest for a grand reunion. The only fences to be mended are those intended to keep him out for good.

The announcement this morning introducing the new director and supporting team at Ragbrai was the final slam of the door in the face of the petulant ex-employee who presumed he was the Great Ride rather than a caretaker. This would-be thief and his confederates in the Iowa Bike Coalition are now left to run their small ride in the shadow of Ragbrai.

You are right about one thing, new beginnings will emerge. Welcome to the new Ragbrai team.

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