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Reply To: I don't understand the anger.

mlwalk, December 1, 2019 at 12:23 pm

Here is the deal with emotions, anger, happiness etc. You don’t have to understand them, people have different emotional reactions to different things and that is okay and they don’t have to justify them to you or anyone else those are their emotions and how they feel. I may completely agree with Joseph and that is okay because those are my emotions and if one of them is anger at TJ for what he tried to do then so be it that is how I feel. You don’t have to understand. I know you don’t care and feel that what he did was okay in your book or whatever, don’t want to put words in your mouth and I apologize if I am wrong but you are also entitled to how you feel, what you are not entitled to do is try to tell someone else how they should or shouldn’t feel.

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