Reply To: RAGBRAI/Iowa’s Ride Info Session , December 1, 2019

mootsman, December 2, 2019 at 9:05 am

[quote quote=1313497]“If there was one theme that stood out to us today, Porkers, it was the word “stewardship.” Both Anne and Dieter referred to themselves as stewards, emphasizing the uniqueness and the value of our favorite Iowa tradition. It was clear that they take seriously the responsibility of guiding it, caring for it, and keeping it safe.

It is interesting, the comments they made KenH. The sense of the RAGBRAI tradition and that its more important then the people who are currently caring for this great event. Just what RAGBRAI needs on the heals of all this commotion. I’m sure they will be working hard on maintaining RAGBRAI this first year. After that I hope to hear some new outside the box ideas also. Like:

1) changing 1 or more of the loops to be an extended alternate route rather then crowding the part of the route they have in common.
2) On northern or southern routes, a dip into neighboring states like the TDF does with countries.
3) A shorter route with 1 day being an optional loop ride or rest day. 2 nights in the same town.
4) Ideas for IR and RAGBRAI working together beyond the obvious one of the starting/ending towns being the same.

Any other outside the box ideas? (now that IR has the east to west thing covered)

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