Reply To: Iowa’s Ride FAQ Section

Joseph Schlau, December 4, 2019 at 7:45 am

When he first started back in October, he continuously pushed out his bolstering statements highlighting his transparency, honesty, and charitable intentions.

Statements intended to silence potential critics and lull supporters into a sense of security. “You know me, just trust me”.

Well I only knew him as the happy clappy face of Ragbrai at the route announcement party. Beyond that, I was not going to just accept all the stories he told about Carson King, his violations of his first amendment rights, and especially that he just happened to come up with a replacement ride, website and all, in less than 2 weeks.

My skepticism proved to be correct when the news broke that his planning had commenced 14 months before when he set up the competing organization for IR. That and the seemingly sudden endorsement of the Iowa Bike Coalition left no doubt of his intentions.

Lots of people caught on as well. Potential legal troubles hounded him as well to the point that he is left with a small ride, on a different week in a different direction.

The only question I would ask is where is all of his money going. Where is the board who is supposed to provide fiscal oversight.

The promised blog and transparency are nowhere to be seen.

If I was one of the early riders that got swept up in the emotion who registered, I would think hard on getting my money back while the 100% refund offer is still there.

I am not certain there will even be a ride.

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