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Reply To: Where to next year?

Joseph Schlau, December 13, 2019 at 7:34 am

There was another topic posted right under it which was nothing more than an advertisement for a video game. They pulled that down fast.

Maybe the IBC discussion was collateral damage. Early on in the TJ discussion they pulled 1 posting they felt was offensive but they also posted why. If that is the case, they should say so and why.

In any case, the leadership of IBC did what they did which angered their members. That is a fact. Now that they came back to Ragbrai, fine. But their members will decide who stays and goes on the board or if they have no free election, then members may leave.

One other effect of IBC returning is Ragbrai may again be involved in the Bacoon rides and other rides like that which IBC was involved in. It looked like those events were going to TJ, but maybe not. I’m from out of state so I never paid much attention to them.

At this point Ragbrai will welcome almost anybody back and just look forward to 2020.

That other guy is on his own.

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