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Ken Reed, December 13, 2019 at 11:30 am

[quote quote=1313863]The IBC thread was removed because it was harmful to Iowa bicycling and RAGBRAI.[/quote]

Isn’t this a bit hyperbolic? How are opinions on a forum harmful? As lovers of all things RAGBRAI and all things cycling, don’t we deserve some answers in the thought process over at the IBC on why they felt the need to endorse a ride that hadn’t even started yet? Personally, I feel it was very short-sided. Am I happy about the IBC being back in the RAGBRAI fold? Yes. Am I skeptical about the IBC’s decision making? Yes. Do I think they need new leadership? Yes, this entire ordeal has me questioning the people who advocate for us in the state house. I believe the folks over at the IBC think they mean well, but I just don’t think they thought out what they did before they did it (24 hours). Do I like the idea of a second ride? Frankly, no. Not under the circumstances it was created. It created a divide in the cycling community and, from my recollection, no one on this forum did that. I applaud and welcome the new RAGBRAI leadership. Frankly, its a blessing in disguise. RAGBRAI is in need of new ideas and I feel the new leadership will bring a different perspective on how to cultivate those new ideas. We deserve to have people represent us who we feel have our best interests in mind. I just don’t feel the people with the IBC can do that now. Maybe they will do something to change my mind. I hope so. I’m eager to get passed all this and just ride my damn bike.

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