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Reply To: Where to next year?

Joseph Schlau, December 14, 2019 at 6:47 am

[quote quote=1313879]Am I the only one who is basing my decision this way, and not based on which side I took in a corporate squabble between two entities I’m[/quote]

Most riders on my team don’t have the luxury to spend 2 weeks in Iowa. A good portion of them travel from the east coast or south to meet up for the bus ride to Iowa requiring extra travel days. Airline and other reservations need to be confirmed.

We had to look at the logistics required as it was more than just a corporate squabble.

When both rides were going the same way on the same week we could have picked either. Team board members were in contact with both sides and there was considerable discussion.

When the upstart ride changed direction, weeks, and size expectations, there were concerns about safety, logistics and mixed motives. 95% voted to stay with Ragbrai.

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