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Reply To: RAGBRAI/Iowa’s Ride Info Session , December 1, 2019

stephen Witts, December 16, 2019 at 9:16 am

From the Air Force cycling team:

Good morning everyone. I have been asked numerous times, “where in Iowa will the AFCT ride this coming July?” My answer has been, “we will ride where the most need exists.”

The intent was not to make this a safe political answer, but the intent was to give a responsible answer. When I say responsible, I mean there has been so much controversy over where people will ride their bikes in July and we did not want to add to the controversy or sway folks one way or the other.

I have seen something of a small civil war in the state I love and have seen some venomous statements made between members in both camps. I have friends in both camps and it’s hard seeing the negativity spewed out.

So in an attempt to be responsible as I stated, our team watched and waited for some of the dust to settle. If we would have stated early on where we would ride, it would have looked like an endorsement for whatever ride we chose.

Most military members are not political members. We seek to serve the nation and its people not take sides. We sought to choose a ride after looking at our mission statement. Our answers came from a vote we took almost a month ago.

At this time, we feel as though the most need that benefits our mission as a team, which is to help the riders at RAGBRAI. After we arrived at this decision, I immediately contacted my friend TJ Juskiewicz and told him of our decision out of respect. It is that same respect we have for you the public, when I tell you that we will ride RAGBRAI.

We want success, for both events, RAGBRAI and the Iowa’s Ride and hope that healing would come about. I further ask folks not to take sides in the comments section of this post.

We are gearing up for another incredible year and hope to renew our friendships with whoever is on the road in July.

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