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Jose Medina, January 10, 2020 at 9:24 pm

Ok , I have been asked to elaborate on my experience meeting my wife. I was coming in to Clear Lake on Ragbrai on a very hot day. On the outskirts of town I remember a girl sun tanning in a purple bikini in her back yard. I did not stop, but I remember her beautiful body. I then set up camp and decided to go to the Surf Ballroom that night.I love to dance. She was standing by the dance floor and I asked her to dance. After we danced we got to talking and she told me that she was laying out in her purple bikini watching all these crazy riders going by. I said I remember you , I was one of those riders .She drove me and a couple friends back to camp . I gave her my business card with my phone number. That night we had tornado warnings and were marched out of camp to a shelter. She saw this on TV and decided to come back and take some of us back to her place for safety,but the police would not let her thru. She left a message on my answering machine back in Des Moines telling me what she had done. I thought that was sweet and invited her to Des Moines in a couple weeks to dance. We have now been together 21 years and married 11 years. I have been in 30 Ragbrais and the privelege of riding with Karras in my early years. Thanks Ragbrai !!!

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