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David Admire, January 10, 2020 at 11:47 pm

[quote quote=1314262] Please look into 2 strap sandals and waterproof rain jacket with a breathable flap. Trust us. Once you use the sandals , you will not go back to shoes. Even if it does not rain , the air flowing thru your toes is worth it. It can get very hot here in Iowa in July. I always tell virgins that it is not the miles , but the heat. I recommend staying outside after a training ride. Go wash your car or work out in the garden. Do not go back inside in air conditioning. Stay outside. I have seen riders drop out because of the heat even tho they put in a couple thousand miles in training. I put in about 400-500 miles in, but I stay out in the heat. If you do this you will not have a problem. Where do you live ? Welcome to Iowa.[/quote]

I live in North Texas – west of FT Worth so I’m pretty used to the heat. Temperatures here in the summer soar past 100 routinely so I understand necessary precautions to guard against heat related injury. It can be very serious! I’ll have to pass on the sandals. I appreciate the suggestion and the air flow sounds awesome! But I like my carbon soled cycling shoes too much and they are surprisingly cool too! I’m retired Army! I’ll definitely be looking up VFW’s or American Legion Halls in any pass thru towns! Cool story about your wife! I met my wife of 22 years in a bicycle shop!

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