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Reply To: E-Bikers, A Few Etiquette Improvements

mcpartla, January 11, 2020 at 10:09 am

The line is further confused by the introduction of many different styles of e-bicycles. For example, the Juiced e-bikes look and feel more like a motorcycle than a traditional bicycle but some conform to the traditional classes of e-bicycles.
Will RAGBRAI and the Ride Across Iowa support these e-bicycles? This is a different topic from Etiquette but important to what will be “allowed” on the 2020 rides. Last year’s RAGBRAI Director said “if a bike is legal on the Iowa roads it is okay on RAGBRAI” or something to this effect. At that time I thought my Class 3 Trek CrossRip e-bike which requires pedaling to receive battery power up to 28 mph was legal on Iowa roads so I thought I was fully supported on RAGBRAI 2019 but my questions to info@ragbrai.com indicate this might not be the case. PeopleForBikes also said Class 1 e-bikes are legal on Iowa roads but whether Class 2 and Class 3 and e-bike machines not classed is unknown. And then what about all the many other types of machines participants choose to ride on RAGBRAI … are these riders supported?

But regardless of the machine a rider uses all of us need to ride safely.

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