Reply To: E-Bikers, A Few Etiquette Improvements

mcpartla, January 12, 2020 at 5:51 am

I’ve seen it suggested that most e-bikers go way too fast and did not learn to handle higher speeds which I think is assumptions and not facts. I’ve had an e-bike 18 months now and most of the other e-bikers I’ve met at home and on Ragbrai are just like me … biked for several decades and know how to handle higher speeds safely but mostly ride a casual pace 10-12 mph and have little interest in getting on pace lines with mostly inexperienced riders like found on Ragbrai for one simple reason … we don’t want to risk injury … it takes way too long to recover and we don’t want to damage our bikes. I met half a dozen e-bicyclists on Ragbrai 2019 and most were seniors and on the heavy side who bought e-bikes to keep up with their friends. I‘ve met no one on an e-bike under about age 50 … yet. My area bike shop says most e-buyers are middle to senior aged so far.

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