Reply To: RAIN!

SFC JKL 2, January 21, 2020 at 1:03 am

Once you go sandals, you’ll never go back. Expect to do a lot walking around towns. If you’re not waling, you’re missing out. The biggest rookie mistake is going to fast. You have all day to get to the next town. There’s no prize for coming in early.
Expect at least 1 day with a good rain and 1 night of a hurricane. I leave the rain coat in my bag unless we have a 100% forecast or it’s already raining. Stick a couple trash bags under your seat. You’ll never ever notice they are there. I say a couple so you can pay it forward to someone else. Trash bag raincoat 101: Cut a small hole in the bag then pull your head and arms thru the hole so that it stays tight to your skin and works better.
Stop by the Bike Army bus for a beverage if you see it. PM me and I’ll send you some details when we get them figured out.

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