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KenH, April 13, 2021 at 9:24 am

Your packing list will in part be driven by how you are doing the week. If you are going with a charter or the RAGBRAI truck then they will have rules that you need to comply with in terms of the number of bags and the weight of your gear. For example the RAGBRAI truck limits you to one bag of no more than 50 pounds:

Although each rider is allowed one large, soft texture bag, you may bundle or strap together a tent, sleeping bag or duffel bag and count it as one. We cannot accept wood or hard plastic luggage or bike cases. Bags should weigh no more than 50 pounds. A scale will be on-hand to weigh over-weight bags.

Other charters will often allow two bags and more weight but check with them for their exact rules. Teams can be anywhere on this issue. My team of up to five people travels in my motorhome and we have no bag or weight limit. Everything has to fit in the motorhome, somehow, and leave enough room for everyone to sleep. So far I have not had an issue and have not needed to impose any restrictions.

Once you have your bag number and weight limits you can start your packing list. Gather everything you think you want to take and try stuffing it in your bag(s). Does it fit? Does it meet the weight limits? If the answer to both is yes then you are done and you could even consider adding a little more. If either answer is no then you have to make cuts, or if your bike allows, consider carrying some of it on your bike. Once you think you have it all squared away wait for a nice hot day, brutally hot if possible, and then try carrying your fully loaded bags around the block a couple of times. If that goes well then you are ready, if not then you might want to make some cuts!

When I go in the motorhome I just take all the clothes my wife thinks that I need to take. Way, way too many in other words but it keeps peace in the house and like I say the MH has so far had all the room we have needed so no reason to skimp.

The one year I went alone with a charter group they had a two bag, no weight limit. I took a change of riding clothes for every day and a change of evening clothes for every day. I had riding shoes and normal shoes, toiletries, and camping gear. It came to 75 pounds total between two bags. I’d say that was too much, some nights it was a real chore to schlep all that from the charter truck to an open spot in the campground. And then do it in reverse the next morning. I would pare it down a little if I ever do that again. I was probably close to 50 pounds in one bag and 25 in the other. I would also work to balance that better next time. I don’t recall why I didn’t/couldn’t do that on the fly during the week but I know that I didn’t.

You will have dampness to deal with. Your towels may not dry out overnight. You will probably have to put your tent away even though it is soaked in dew. Your bags could get rained on before you get to them. Keep your clean clothes in large plastic ziploc bags. Keep anything else you want to protect from dampness in ziploc bags.

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