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Reply To: What happens if someone misses the baggage truck?

bmyoungberg, April 13, 2021 at 5:42 pm

I do not have answer for you, but my guess is you scramble and see if a small group could help or ask around to see if there is a nice local who would help. I would note the main campground is quite lively early so not sure how anyone could sleep through it all. I use the truck every year and it works great. However, folks start rising and getting out of tents around 4:30-5 to beat the heat. You also hear them opening the truck and getting the metal ramps in place. By sunup at 6, many folk are already gone and most others are working on it. Few by then are still sleeping. Quiet time is at 10 pm and it is followed well, so most are up well before 8.

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