Registration for Great Iowa Fall Ride Open!

Reply To: I am confused

KenH, April 28, 2021 at 7:37 am

None of us can tell you if your registration carried over or not. If you opened up Enmotive at some point and saw your registration listed as complete then you did carry over. As Larry says those of us who let our registrations carry over from last year have already won the lottery, that was one of the perks of letting RAGBRAI keep your money for a year. This is not as well known but if you are a team member and a carry over registrant then your entire team is also already lottery winners.

I would encourage you to recover your Enmotive credentials because sooner or later you are going to want to go back in there. I’d ask Enmotive for help with that first, then RAGBRAI if need be but the RAGBRAI team is a little busy right now.

Curiously, I received notice from RAGBRAI yesterday that my merchandise was on the way. I have not ordered anything from them that has not already and long ago, arrived. There was talk here about virtual route announcement party participants receiving some kind of metal drinking cup as swag so I suppose it could be that but even though others remember that as being promised to us, I do not. Could it be my RAGBRAI credentials already? That would be unusual but what is not unusual this year?! I guess I will find out in a day or two….

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