Reply To: Do people stay in Clinton Saturday night?

T. Gap Woo, June 1, 2021 at 3:52 pm

Good afternoon, Anna628!!

While I can’t speak for other riders, I do want to share my thoughts in answer to your highly relevant question.

After a week of enjoying the rolling scenery and tropical temperatures of end-of-July in Iowa, I am exhausted on the last day. Mrs Woo, my support driver, is all shopped out (believe it or not)! We make our way to the Davenport/LeClaire area, as I-80 is our gateway to heading home. We find a motel, clean up to the point of looking respectable again and then go out for a nice Iowa dinner. The Iowa Machine Shed is a favorite restaurant of ours. 😋. Then we stroll along the river walk, taking in the sights. We have discovered shops that sell wine, ice cream, popcorn (naturally), candy and other neat stuff. After a good night’s sleep, we leave for the 1300 mile trip home.

This year, we’ll probably spend the afternoon exploring the sights of the Clinton area and then relax in the evening, enjoying the wine and live entertainment at the Wide River Winery there.

Whether you leave for home that same day or stay overnight depends on how tired you are and how far you have to drive home. Just remember, it’s YOUR vacation. Enjoy it in the manner you want!

See you along the I-O-Way NEXT MONTH!

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