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Reply To: Riding with a backpack on RAGBRAI?

Sibelius, July 5, 2021 at 10:17 am

Good idea on thin flip flops. Regarding the suggestions to bungee bags to the bike, I’m not entirely sure how that would work and I didn’t really find any photos online. Mine is a regular road bike with no fenders. One time I did try to do a short 3 mile ride to a bike shop with a small bag hanging from the drops and it was the most unstable ride, almost causing me to crash. Since then, I’m weary about hanging anything from the handlebars.

Chris, I do have the SPD cleats. Although this will be the first time using cleat covers for me, I noticed they completely cover the bottom of the cleat which should make it harder for dirt to get it. Still, I’ve never had issues with dirt before since I avoid walking on soft ground in cleats, especially muddy areas.

Have you found that you need an electric fan in the tent, by the way? I’ve seen comments both ways, some stating that the tent has enough ventilation. I’d rather not carry anything extra if not needed and a fan + extra batteries is pretty bulky.

And thanks for the suggestions. I will probably see you in camp then rather than on the bus–the bus I’m taking is with Bike World since I’m coming from WDM and Brancel didn’t have one coming from around here.

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