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HelenP, July 13, 2021 at 8:52 pm

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“Registration fees will become non-refundable after April 15. To request a refund, contact the RAGBRAI office at info@ragbrai.com by April 15.”

It sounds very much like you owe Bob both the cost of your registration, and a major apology — preferably a public apology since you had the worst kind of manners to badmouth him in public by name. By your description, you had already passed the official date to cancel your registration and, even if not, you had no excuse to behave like that towards another person. And where do you get off, insulting the entire population of Iowa, too?

People who lead teams often do all that extra work because they are exceptionally nice — he was most likely doing you a big favor. Even now, Bob might help you to sell the registration.

Next time, I suggest you assume less, and communicate more with experienced people. I’m new, too, and will have only have had a bike for two months total — and that’s what I’ve been doing, including reading information posted online.

Take a breath, relax, realize it’s just a *ride* to enjoy with other people (not a frantic race), and good luck!

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