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Matt, July 15, 2021 at 8:15 am

Yes, a keyword search in RidewithGPS “RAGBRAI 2021” does find several. A team called Anthem Sports has some very accurate ones including with and without the gravel and Karras loops. There is no negativity in this next question, because I am genuinely curious. Why? I certainly use these when planning routes at home, but on RAGBRAI there is no hope of getting lost even if you try. ;-) The miles and miles of riders in a line, passing any given spot for hours is hard (dare I say impossible) to miss. Unless someone plans to be out before or after scheduled riding hours, you won’t need a route guidance app. If the purpose is to see the hills long before you get there, save yourself the dread. The hills will be there waiting no matter what. Personally I don’t want to know about them until they are in front of me because short moments later they are fading into memory without the preceding worries. The mileage given between towns on the RAGBRAI maps is accurate. Do plan for several extra based on where your campgrounds are. Divide the mileage for the day by the hours you’ll ride (start at 7am & get 11 hrs if finishing @ 6pm) 70÷11= 6.4 mph and just make sure you have that many more miles behind you each hour. Enjoy the towns, people, food, refreshments, and have fun. See you in 10 days! Enjoy!

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