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Reply To: Some final logistics questions for first RAGBRAI

garywilk, July 18, 2021 at 6:24 am

As far as charging along the way. I see some people try, but the limited number of plugs and the large number of people, I would not plan on that. Most of the time you do not get a chance to rest next to an outlet anywhere. I think I remember a few cell charging tents in a few towns sponsored by google. That may be an option. Having it fully charge with the charter should work. You may want to turn off blue tooth and wifi to save the battery. If left on, the phone will be searching which eats the battery.

There is always lots of free water from milling stations. Bring two water bottles. The only thing here is make sure you taste it and only put it in one water bottle. There always seems like one or two towns along the way have water that tastes like sewerage. Also every town has girl scouts or some other group selling water bottles for a buck. These are usually cold and a great option to risking the taste of city water. Mainly just leave the town with two full water bottles.
The biggest concern, as the week goes on, is the part of it around the bike seat. Generally we try to ride a bit harder between towns to limit the time in the saddle and enjoy the towns a bit more or any stops along the way. If your bottom feels OK, most people get in better shape as the week goes on. The first day will is longer this year and may be a good gage. You can also add about 5 miles each day for getting to and from the start and riding around a bit in towns. Overall I can not stress to ride you bike like you normally do to save your bottom. The good thing about the century loop is that that option is right at the end of the ride. You can basically do the entire day and then make the decision at the end to do another 30 miles.

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