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KenH, August 9, 2021 at 8:52 am

I do not know if I contracted covid during the week. If I did then the symptoms were too mild for me to know that I had anything. Now I was out yesterday scrubbing down the roof of my motorhome and I did feel that I did not have my normal endurance and had to take frequent breaks. But it was quite warm and I was trying to scrub off two years of accumlated gunk. I feel fine today. I did RAGBRAI this year as I normally do, with reckless abandon. I am vaccinated but that does not prevent people from getting covid. It does make severe illness much less likely if they do contract it. The efficacy was touteted as being 95% but that may vary with individuals and the efficacy declines about 3% a month according to what I read just yesterday. I got my final shot at the beginnng of April so I could be down around the 80% level right now based on the standard numbers.

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