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Reply To: Forced route through towns?

LawnchairMan, August 17, 2021 at 3:53 pm

My apologies for being such a poor writer. I was taught to tell what I’m going to say, say it, then say what I said. My last post took me a whole lot of words to even understand what I wanted to say.

The main purpose of my thread is to warn future pass-through towns against channeling us into their towns. I don’t like being herded like cattle. I think that offending your target audience is not good for business.

klkoopman, I agree that going into Geode State Park did not make sense, but yes, it was on the route.
I looked up my path on my Garmin routes, so I think the town in question was Menlo. That is such a small town that it doesn’t show any turn on the Ragbrai routes. When I got there I was with only a few others, but it looked like we were being detoured around an accident. The semi-trailer was nearly perpendicular to the road. By the time I realized it was a blockade I was in a town with only one paved street. One way in and one way out. Yes, if I see this again I will go into the ditch to avoid it.
For the town, though, I think they would have done better to line up a bunch of tents on the side of the road to sell what they had.

Mr. Woo, I didn’t realize anyone getting heated. I thought we were all just calmly stating our opinions. As for “Can you imagine the chaos that would result if towns had multiple points of ingress and egress?” they call those host towns.

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