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Reply To: RAGBRAI, please keep one thing and change another…

“Bicycle Bill”, August 18, 2021 at 6:56 am

Nobody “outlawed” kickstands, just as nobody “outlawed” fenders or lights or panniers.  It’s just a holdover from the days of the ‘weight wienies’, who tried to shed ever possible gram from their bikes in the name of speed and efficiency (never mind the fact that the weight saved by removing all the kickstands, fenders, and what-have-you in the world was easily offset by the excess avoirdupois they were carrying around on their own two legs) .

This is why rookies on RAGBRAI rarely ride with lights, fenders, or anything else that could make their ride more enjoyable, and why those of us who DO have a few RAGBRAIs under our belts know that having fenders on a wet day, lights after dark, or a saddlebag/handlebar bag with some basic repair parts like a spare tube and some basic tools are worth their weight in platinum.


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