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Joseph Schlau, September 8, 2021 at 10:13 am

Ride With GPS is a free program that is upgradable to 2 different levels of subscription. Each with its own capabilities and options.

I have also used Garmin GPS for over 10 years.

Ride with GPS depends on cell coverage to provide your current location. Garmin receives GPS directly from satellites and is not dependent on cell connectivity.

Both programs have the capability of simulcasting your location to someone else. I ride solo in off trail locations. Your safety person at home would have an exact location to send help in an emergency.

Ride With GPS does have an excellent route planning feature which allows you to load and modify another users public rides and a “heat map” feature showing the most commonly used routes in a region you may not be familiar with. Garmin’s Basecamp Routing software is dated and not real easy to use.

Android is supported by RWGPS.

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