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LawnchairMan, October 18, 2021 at 5:05 pm

It’s hard to evaluate your projected fitness level with the information given. Ragbrai training coaches usually advise you to do 1000 miles before the start of Ragbrai, but that’s over three months. Cramming that into five or six weeks would be tough. Were I in your place I would start with 75 miles the first week and up it 25 each week. I think that would give you 625 miles in five weeks. It’s not a thousand, but it’s reasonable, and you don’t want to burn yourself out.
This is without considering your Winter / Spring training. If you can do more than 900 miles at that time, then more of your conditioning will carry over your break. The walking will help too. You will do a lot of that at Ragbrai.
It also depends on how you do Ragbrai. Have you done it before? Routes are officially open 12 hours each day, so you could break each into 15-mile chunks with a rest between. I recommend riding with a club to get used to riding with others. Pacelines aren’t advised at Ragbrai, but even one person ahead of you can shield you from some of the headwinds. Typical Ragbrai average speeds are ten to twelve mph, so you should find others riding your speed.
So, without knowing more, I’d say that you could do it. The more training you get the easier and enjoyable Ragbrai will feel. Good luck!

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