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Reply To: No lottery for 2022

KenH, November 16, 2021 at 3:57 pm

I don’t find the Enmotive site very user friendly and indeed I kept getting the registration closed page with no obvious way to register for next year. I started on my phone and never got there so I switched to my computer. I still had to do something that was not obvious to get to the right spot and I don’t remember what that was. One of my teammates who didn’t register last year reported that he created a new account and registered without any problems. There might be a bug that only affects returning customers, I didn’t see this issue last year.

I’m a team captain and I don’t get much information about my team setup. I got an email from RAGBRAI that mentioned some team features but I see nothing about them on Enmotive. I can’t say that Enmotive messed up anything for our team last year or so far this year. I can say that this is the least helpful registration website that I have ever used. It seems to get the job done, it gives you zero confidence that the job is done right.

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