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Larry Klaaren, November 19, 2021 at 9:19 am

We are traveling from Chicagoland and need to plan ahead with family, work, and especially TRAVEL. My original thought is to drive ourselves, gear in tow, as we will not have a support vehicle with us.

Keep your eyes open in this forum and do some googling for “Illinois RAGBRAI” and such terms. There are a few bike clubs in Chicago that offer rides both ways, or if you want to join a “team”, there are lots of opportunities with teams that originate in Chicago. I drive to the end town and take a bus to the start town, and use a charter during the week. The charter gets me from the end town to the start. I get home quite a bit earlier on Saturday, as I don’t have to wait for the last rider to get back. But there are a lot of different way to do it. A lot of this won’t evolve until January when we know the start and end towns. I live in New Lenox, which is right on I-80, so I am on 80 in five minutes, but if it’s a far northern or southern end town, 80 may not get you there very easily.

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