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Reply To: Announcement Party

LawnchairMan, December 1, 2021 at 11:06 pm

Does anyone know how the announcement parties were/are arranged? Since I have been watching, there have always been representatives from the selected towns at the party. So they must have been told that they were in contention. Were there runners-up there too? I’ve never heard anyone at the party complain that their town lost, so I suspect that only the winners were there. I think they were always given some advanced notice. This is my theory, so it could be full of holes. Has anyone who attended ever heard a disappointed town rep?
Hmmm. . . .I suppose that each selected town could know they were in, but not who the other selectees were. It would be hard to keep it secret for long, though. I still suspect the full route is known by all of the overnight towns ahead of time. How much ahead is the question.

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