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LawnchairMan, December 17, 2021 at 8:24 pm

I got no help from the Aftershokz people. This is what they replied:
“Apologies, our headphones loop/band are not adjustable. We welcome and value your feedback. We will consider your suggestion on our future models. Learning about our customer’s experience helps us to continue developing and improving our services, so we appreciate you taking the time to share your experiences with us.”
Sorry that it doesn’t help your hoodie issue.

I rode today and found that the device works fine outside of my Balaklava; I can hear fine. If it were my hoodie I would sew non-tape Velcro to the outside of the hoodie and attach the Aftershokz that way. I think it would work. Thinking about it more, there are self-sticking Velcro or similar products that you could sew to your hoodie. Sewn in the middle, the ends could wrap around the Aftershokz near the earpiece and stick to themselves. You wouldn’t need to put Velcro on the Aftershokz at all.

I forgot to mention that Aftershokz will play music from your phone too. I don’t intend to do that, but it’s a way to ride with music and not bother other riders.

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