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Reply To: Rain gear

Mike Murphy, January 1, 2022 at 11:50 am

I have done Ragbrai 11 times. The first few I didn’t take any rain gear. One year the day started off with rain and cold temps. I started thinking it would stop raining and warm up (its the last week in July, how can it be cold!!!!). I went through the first couple of towns and thought about buying a rain jacket but didn’t. I finally get to a town and I am freezing cold. I stop at a school and spend at least an hour, it looked like it was clearing up so I head out. Less than five miles down the road, the sun disappears and the rain starts up. So, I rode about 60 miles freezing cold and wet. Since that year, I always pack my rain jacket and if there is rain in the forecast and temps below 60 I take it. Which I think has been twice the last 5 or 6 rides I have done.

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