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Reply To: All The Rainy Days of Recent Years

bmyoungberg, January 15, 2022 at 4:27 pm

Good summary.

2016 it was Shenandoah rather than Creston. We also just missed a big storm the last evening in Washington. Dark and lightning just north all evening.

2017 I was past Rockwell, but just kept going in that rain (no gear) as I was on a straight and flat spot. Many left Clear Lake extra early that morning as it was forecasted for early afternoon.

2018 also a surprise spot shower in Jefferson in early evening but you may have not been in it as it seemed localized as the sun was out the whole time. Poured for five minutes and nothing else. I sat in my tent in Newton as I saw it coming at dusk. I’m used to quick thunderstorms like that so didn’t bother me much I guess. Sat inside the tent and read. Remember teens riding through the main campground on golf carts telling people to go to the high school a mile away. A little late as wind and rain was already starting to pick up.

Last year we could have used some rain for relief the middle days.

I just hope we keep avoiding the rare lengthy rain that messes up the whole day.

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