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Reply To: What is the issue around town shut down times?

Randall Murphy, January 30, 2022 at 9:23 am

Joseph, you may not know it but if you’ve been within a mile of the main stage and listened to a bad off-tune band playing waaaay too late you’ve already heard them. You just didn’t know it.

I like the moon landing reference – that’s good.

Just my two cents worth on the reports of the troopers past shut down activity: if they’re true, (and I wasn’t there but I do believe the number of reported incidents), I believe that they are the result of poor communication and inexperience. Somehow the wrong times were communicated to the troopers shutting the towns down and their inexperience with the needs of bike riders riding in the heat caused the poor decisions. Certainly I’m not defending the actions of the troopers and I’m pretty sure that in retrospect they would like to have them back. Denying basic needs to riders in the heat is indefensible. But I will defend the troopers themselves. These guys aren’t the enemy. Many of them volunteer for the assignment and have fun with it, playing music at intersections, good natured harassing of the riders passing, etc. I’ve seen many of the same faces working the intersections over the last sixteen years.
To take a page out of Aaron Rogers book from a few years ago, we should all R-E-L-A-X. Matt is on it and the State Police are listening. Let’s give them a chance. And we, as riders, need to understand that there is a rolling hard stop for SAG, traffic control and emergency medical support every day that is intended to be for our safety. This is a good thread to bring this up and I think that this years edition of the ride will be better for it. Ok, maybe that was three cents worth. Sorry.

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