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Reply To: What is the issue around town shut down times?

JasonMichael, January 30, 2022 at 10:50 am

“Professional” shutdown time riders find a shady spot to wait it out. After a time everything opens up again and they can then find what they are seeking. If you find yourself behind the shutdown, just wait it out. No worries.

Ive been riding for almost 20 years, and Ive always been a back of the pack “Professional shutdown rider” What you describe used to be the case, but no longer. In the past few years, the shutdown enforcement by ISP has become extremely heavy handed, and even hostile at times. They also camp out longer to ensure services remain closed. Waiting for services, and I mean bars, to reopen requires riders to stay even further back in the pack to the point that it becomes impossible to get into the overnight towns before dark.

Getting the bulk of riders into the overnight before traffic and Sag services end should be a safety priority. That being said, it seems foolish to think that they will be able to get everyone off the road before dark, which seems to be the goal. In pursuing this, they’ve created more issues that affect everyone that happens to be in the back, not just us the ones looking to tie one on.

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