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Reply To: Does anyone use a pedal assisted ebike?

Kristina “Nina” Boyd, February 1, 2022 at 5:45 pm

The RAGBRAI experience is yours and yours alone! I completed my first “Virgin” ride in 2019 on a Specialized Leg only assist bike…I hammered out the hills and saw ebikes whizzing by me and I was secretly jealous!! Lol press on to 2022 and I will be joining you on the ride this year with an ebike!! I am traveling all the way from Arizona so this will be an expensive trip but well worth every penny spent…I’m an Executive Chef and need to have surgery on both my hands after 25 years of using a Knife…so for me ebike is the only option…I want to enjoy the ride along with my Team Mates and I asked one of the girls I said I feel guilty using an ebike like I’m “cheating” she said it’s about your experience and if anyone gives you shit just say sorry I forgot to bring my tow rope with me today but cheers!!! Lol haters gunna hate….do you boo and ENJOY THE RIDE!!!! Salut 🍻

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