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Reply To: Transport From St. Louis

garywilk, February 11, 2022 at 7:36 am

There is the option of OOS or Pork Belly where you drive up to the end town and park your car and take one of many shuttles across. I have done both Padres and the above mentioned option but I see Paadres is sold out. This works out to be less money but you are handling your own tent. Even less if you just use Ragbrai luggage service and main campground. Also when you finish Saturday, just hop in your car and drive straight home so you are not waiting on others or getting dropped off somewhere in StL. My dad has been driving the motorhome the last few years which is great. We are also doing it this year and may have space to give a couple of people a ride up and possibly back, but will not know for sure for a few weeks. If we do end up with some room, I will post again here.

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