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Matt, February 14, 2022 at 5:48 pm

There is nothing new or surprising about the route announcement process. They announce the towns, they announce the mileage, and people choose to ride or not. As usual, Estimated mileage/elevation filters out in Jan/Feb and Actual mileage/elevation isn’t released until March. Anyone that signs up early knows (or should know) that they may or may not like the route, miles, hills, etc. And as we know from last year, the route and towns can change significantly due to extenuating circumstances. Signing up early is NOT mandatory. Full route, mileage, and elevation is NOT announced until March. Route changes CAN/DO happen. Registrations ARE transferable. They even assist in making transfers easier on this site. There are lots of venues to sell registrations if needed, including this forum. Demands to have money refunded because the route isn’t to individual satisfaction or isn’t defined earlier than normal or didn’t align with an individual’s training plan is simply impolite.

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