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Joseph Schlau, February 28, 2022 at 3:46 pm

Jboz stated,
First of all, I’m nervously looking forward to Day 4. But for all posters here with the “what’s the big deal, it’s only 100 miles” attitude, you may need to step out of your bubble and try a little empathy.

In 2 weeks, March 13th, the route will be posted. Apparently Ragbrai did express a bit of empathy toward the less capable riders. I understand they will be bringing in additional sag vehicles/trailers from other events and likely have designated pick up points somewhere around the 50 and 75 mile marks. Planning still in progress.

If this is done, designated points will probably be located in a place with some facilities, (like a town). You know where the sag is going to be, like a bus stop, instead of waiting at the side of the road for who knows how long.

Remember, when this thread started, it was considering how this would impact through towns if lots of riders just sagged the whole day. Even if riders cannot make “Just 100”, designated areas at least keeps riders on the course and buying stuff while waiting for a pickup. It also discourages off-route riding to cut miles. A win for both riders and vendors alike.

So riders who were able to handle the 50/70 mile rides earlier in the week may look at the day with less anxiety knowing they have a planed option just in case those motivational words “You are your only limitation, here” doesn’t resonate at 3:00 in the afternoon and are not thankful that the RAGBRAI century loop pushed them into the twilight zone.

Let’s see what magic Ragbrai comes up with in 2 weeks.

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