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Reply To: Tent question

Chris, March 10, 2022 at 6:31 pm

We used a cabin style our first year. Haven’t since.
The reason: they don’t seem to handle wind load as well as the domes do. Makes sense from a structure vs, surface area point of view, too. Granted, there’s a LOT more room, especially one of those Coleman ones that seem to have become popular over the last few years. I haven’t seen one collapse due to wind, but we haven’t had wind quite like Marshalltown in a few years, either.

Not that my opinion is worth the electrons on the screen: go with a big dome tent, 3 season. The extra weight of the 4 season isn’t worth it, and they tend to breathe like crap. Or, if you have the space among your family to carry it: a big tent for all of you, a little tent for all of your stuff.

Last thought: we had our bikes in the tent the first year, too. Wasn’t worth it. Throw a plastic bag over the seat, lean the bikes together and cinch the top tubes with a length of rope or velcro or the like, get a really bright day-glow safety yellow t-shirt for 10 bucks from Walmart and tie it to the handlebars, call it a day. It’s bright enough that no one will walk into your bikes at night, and tying them together gives the bikes stability so they don’t tip over. We did that for years….almost never a problem (ok, one night someone walked into them anyway. Once out of 50+ nights isn’t bad).

See you in July.

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