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Reply To: Tandem Bike Rental and Charter

Guodan, March 24, 2022 at 12:25 am

As another tandem owner I second hnschipper. If you have lots of riding experience on singles the tandem will come to you pretty quickly but there is a learning curve that an uncrowded road will make easier. In a perfect world the fit from your singles would be duplicated on the tandem for you both. Depending on the particular tandem, getting that fit for the rear position (stoker) can require a bit of finessing. I’m going to assume your wife will be in back. Know that all things equal, the ride in back will be more punishing due to increased frame and wheel stiffness. Because of this I would consider using the same saddle she is using on her single for your tandem adventure. A bumpy ride on an uncomfortable saddle gets old fast. Once you get the basics tandem are huge fun, the easy chat with your partner while ride is the best.

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