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rANDOMcITIZEN, April 5, 2022 at 12:02 pm

-LOTS of snack foods that won’t put them into a coma,…entire boxes of low-sugar, dry cereal worked great for my brother’s boys. Bonus! they can use it as “parade confetti” coming into a town!
-Stickers, dry erase markers for the inside of the bucket decoration committee.
-A “Sea-to-Summit kitchen sink”; the compact, foldable, soft-sided camping water buckets worked great for my kids on hot days in our Burley, bungee strapped to the frame, small scoops/cheap containers to pour water,…an added 8 pounds, but nice for keeping heat levels down. The opening is smaller than the base for less than expected spill out.
-Customize water bottles for consumption with stickers marking off, say, 3 ounce increments, then getting them excited to get to the tiger, dinosaur,…
-do have a bail plan if the crowds get overwhelming for the darlings. (Off subject, I am a twin, my twin nephews are 2, whose grandmother is a twin, and I take them every week on picnic and field trip day, do your kids still do the “twin talk”?)

Good luck!

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