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Reply To: Paid Parking in Lansing.

Kamw, April 10, 2022 at 11:39 am

Hi Bicycle Bill, thanks for the response I was just a little concerned thats all I was just going by what I read and wanted to know if it was something to worry about. I have been bike touring in a lot of different parts of the country and have left my vehicle for up to four weeks at a time and wondered if it was ok I think it’s only natural. I have never participated in RAGBRAI and I am singed up with PBV and have already paid for my long term parking in Lansing and I look forward to the ride and meeting people from all over and helping out all the community’s that are on the route with donations for all the wonderful food I have been hearing about. I was only worried about it because of what I heard and didn’t know how serious the problem actually was. I am certainty not worried about the cost of it at all if I was I would not be going I have spent a lot more and traveled a lot further for bike tours I do at least three or four a year big or small. I am doing a five day bike packing gravel tour in June, I love this kind of stuff and I do expect to be back to RAGBRAI next year end and hopefully every year after that. Thanks Keith.

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