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Reply To: GPS Apps?

Joseph Schlau, April 18, 2022 at 2:15 pm

There are navigation apps for the IPhone, however an app with each day for Ragbrai preloaded does not exist as far as I am aware.

First, the Ragbrai route is still in the draft form. The final route is usually posted around July 4th and is still subject to changes as necessary.

Ragbrai has usually made gps files available around the same time so riders can load them on a gps device like a Garmin.

I also use an application called Ride With GPS. It is available for free as a basic app for both Apple and Android as well as a PC application. While the basic app is free, additional features may require a subscription.

GPS files posted by Ragbrai or others can be loaded into the pc version of RWGPS and will appear on your IPhone. If someone creates a Ragbrai route on RWGPS as a public file, you can just load this directly on phone or pc.

Normally I will create routes on RWGPS and then transfer the files to my Garmin. Files loaded and edited on the pc automatically appear on my phone.

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