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Reply To: Saturday the 30th in Lansing

Amanda, May 3, 2022 at 8:19 am

After years of rushing in to get on the road home, we decided to stay over in Lansing in 2017. It was a beautiful day and after dipping our tires, we put the bikes away. We went uptown to celebrate and checked out our digs for the night. Stopped to dance with the band playing in the street. It closed at 3pm. Then we went back to get our stuff to spend the night. It was going to be a great ending for a great week. Even though most of the RAGBRAI people left, we had met a few locals who were going to meet us later for dinner. But that never happened because I fell down a hill and broke my tib fib. Ended up going back to Waukon to the ER. We ended up staying over in Waukon and went home the next day.

I would say you will have to make your own funif you stay over on Saturday night but it’s part of the adventure. Just stay out of the ER. It gets really expensive!

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